The Issue Phase 1 | Valle Crucis, North Carolina 28691

The Issue • Phase 1
July, 26th, 2019 to September 12th, 2019

Sometimes everyone can win. We are in agreement that a new school in Valle Crucis will benefit the students, teachers, parents, and the community. We disagree that situating the new school at the gateway to Valle Crucis Rural Historic District is the best location. The impact of doing so will permanently damage the community in numerous ways.

In fact, we strongly feel it would be better for the community, institutions and businesses within the community if the school were built on the current school site with the addition of the Valle Landing site adjacent to the current school. There are multiple reasons why this would be better in the short, medium, and long-term for the Historic Valle Crucis community.

We have published this open letter at and petition at We want to make sure that the county does the appropriate environmental and economic impact research to ensure that the new school will be built in a location that does not permanently disrupt and alter character of this historic community.

We request that the county:

1) Undertake an economic and environmental impact analysis to fully understand the impact of placing a school at the gateway of the Valle Crucis Historic District.

2) Develop a traffic impact analysis to gauge the impact of school traffic on the residents and businesses in the area.

3) Ensure that the new school is placed in a location that does not alter the historic character of our community, or harm its existing residents, enterprises and institutions.

The petition at contains an optional comment field. CLICK HERE to view a selection of comments received via the PETITION. These include the zip-code and place of residence as reference.

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